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Sales conditions

Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (version 15 June 2022)


1.1 By entering into an agreement, the customer expressly accepts the conditions stated below. TRIMIDI aka GROOTDRUK BV, however, reserves the right to add additional general terms and conditions per individual agreement.
1.2 The parties expressly accept that GROOTDRUK BV is not obliged to any obligation or can suspend its obligations if the customer does not fulfil its obligations or if changes are made to the order during execution.


2.1 The parties accept that complaints can only be taken into account insofar as they are submitted by registered letter within 7 days after the invoice has been sent, and insofar as they are described in great detail and precisely. Submitting a complaint does not release the customer from his payment obligations. If the customer fails to pay without notification of his objections by registered letter, GROOTDRUK BV is entitled to stop the work without prejudice to its right to late payment interest as well as to compensation.


3.1 All prices are inclusive of VAT.
3.2 Prices are invoiced according to the rate applicable for the services on the date of the agreement signed by the customer. However, GROOTDRUK BV always has the right to adjust the prices that appear in its agreement if circumstances, independent of its will, cause the cost price of the services to increase, such as in the event of an increase in the price by the suppliers, an increase in wages, social charges, etc.
3.3 All possible taxes, duties, costs and charges, for whatever reason, are always at the expense of the customer.


4.1 Unless otherwise stipulated, all invoices are payable in cash at the registered office of GROOTDRUK BV, at the latest at the time of delivery. Payment terms are only allowed after express written agreement from the managers of GROOTDRUK BV. In this case, the agreed advances to be paid are due on the set due dates.
4.2 When paying by check or any other commercial paper, payment is only made upon actual collection.
4.3 The acceptance of bills of exchange, cheques, order letters, mandates, abbreviations, instalments or waiver of debt does not result in debt renewal, so that these terms and conditions remain fully applicable.
4.4 Without prejudice to the application of Article 7, in the event of non-payment of an invoice on the due date, the amount of the invoice will be increased without prior notice of default by a conventional late payment interest at a rate of 10% per year until the date of actual payment. In addition, the amount owed will, by operation of law and without any notice of default being required, be increased by a fixed compensation of 15% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of EUR 75, irrespective of any legal and/or recovery costs, including the totality of the attorney’s fees and charges.
4.5 Non-payment, even partial, entails the claimability of the invoices that have not expired, without any formality or reminder.

4.6 GROOTDRUK BV retains title to all Products delivered by it until full payment of the price of all Products and Services delivered or to be delivered by GROOTDRUK BV to the customer, as well as any claims for work which GROOTDRUK BV has or will perform in the context of the delivery of Products and Services of DIMITRI SAVENIERS, as well as any claims that GROOTDRUK BV may have against the Client due to a shortcoming in the fulfillment of the Agreement.


5.1 Coincidence and/or force majeure gives GROOTDRUK BV the right to terminate the agreement or order in full or in part or to postpone its execution without any notice period or compensation.
5.2 In such a case, GROOTDRUK BV can also in no way be held liable for non-compliance with its obligations, nor for any damage that the customer would suffer as a result.


6.1 Without prejudice to the right to compensation, GROOTDRUK BV is entitled to terminate the agreement, even if it has been partially performed, at any time by means of a contract. to terminate a registered letter ipso jure and without prior notice of default, or to demand additional guarantees in the event of bankruptcy, liquidation or serious impairment of the creditworthiness of the customer or in the event that the customer does not comply with his obligations, set out in article 4.


7.1 Only Belgian law applies to this condition